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Steve Phillips

Heating Engineer 

Mark Kane

Heating Engineer 

Who's behind the name?

'Heat Central' is Steve Phillips and Mark Kane, we're two Heating Engineers originally from UK, who now call Wanaka home.


We're both highly experienced, having each spent the past 14 years in the heating industry installing, maintaining and doing diagnostic work in UK and NZ. We've worked with diesel and gas boilers, air-to-water heat pumps and ground source heating to provide hydronic central heating, both radiators and underfloor.

Our experience in NZ is that central heating is a relatively new concept, but it is definitely beneficial given the cold temperatures in Central Otago. We know just how much central heating can contribute to the comfort level and health of a home and we want to give our clients the opportunity to experience it too.


So we started 'Heat Central', with the aim to raise awareness around hydronic central heating and to make it an achievable concept for homes within our local area. It's not currently the kiwi standard to install central heating, but we're certain we can improve that. 

So, what makes us different? 

In addition to being a Heating Engineer, Steve is also a qualified electrician with experience in renewable energies including solar and ground source heating. Mark is qualified in plumbing as well as heating and gas installations. 

When you choose to go with Heat Central, you're also accessing the experience of a qualified electrician, solar technician and a plumber. This level of detailed understanding is a huge advantage when we design and install a hydronic central heating system. Our wealth of knowledge extends far beyond the basics. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get central heating in your home. 

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