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A hydronic central heating system consists of three major components; the heat source (the unit producing the hot water), the emitters (the way the heat is transferred into your home), and the controls (to operate the system). We've perfected the systems we offer by using select products and combinations that we know and trust - a fine balance of quality vs. cost vs. efficiency. 

At Heat Central, we offer underfloor and/or radiator central heating, with either an Air-to-Water Heat Pump, Ground Source Heat Pump or Diesel Boiler as the heat source. We use the Firebird Elco Boiler, the Elco burner is low Nox meaning it is more efficient and lower in emissions than ​a traditional diesel burner.

The best system for you will usually depend on two things; the way in which you use your heating and the amount you would like to spend. We believe our role at Heat Central is to understand your expectations and requirements, then give our best professional recommendations based on this knowledge. 

Our heating designs will give you options and upgrades to find a balance that fits your budget. 

Below, we have outlined the systems we offer. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or have a look through our FAQ's.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is radiant, mellow heat. Hot water is produced by the heat source and flows to a manifold. The manifold then distributes the hot water to pipework laid in zones beneath the slab. 

Underfloor heating works most efficiently when left on at a low temperature rather than being switched on and off frequently. This allows the concrete slab to heat up as a thermal mass and gently release heat. 

We encourage our clients to use Air-to-Water Heat Pumps as their heat source for underfloor as we believe it to be the most efficient and cost effective option (with the added benefit of being kinder to our environment). We can also use a Diesel Boiler if our client prefers. 

We provide the design work so the heating is laid out according to your specific zones and controlled exactly how you want it to be. We use Heatmiser NeoStat Thermostats which are easy to use and have the option of being upgraded for wireless control via a Smartphone application.

Future proofing for underfloor heating is also possible, by laying the pipework in the slab and electrical cable in the walls at the time of construction, but not connecting a heat source or thermostats until a later date. 

Underfloor heating itself is very low maintenance, however the heat source  requires annual servicing, pre-winter to maximise efficiency and uphold product warranty.


Radiators heat up a room very quickly and are individually controlled, so you can choose specific areas to heat very easily. Modern radiators are sleek, subtle and can blend into your home interior effortlessly.

The heat source e.g. Air-to-Water Heat Pump or Diesel Boiler is connected to radiator pipework. The hot water flows through the radiators on demand, heating the panel to release heat. The panel is less of a thermal mass than a slab, meaning it heats quickly and more intensely. 

The radiators are generally controlled by a Heatmiser NeoStat Thermostat, so the entire radiator system is programmed to come on a specific times, or when the temperature drops below a set temperature. The actual temperature of the individual radiator is set via the valve on the radiator itself, so there is slightly more 'manual' control than underfloor heating. 

The pipework for the radiators runs through the walls of the home, so work is required at various stages throughout your build. We work alongside your builder to coordinate this.

Radiators can be retrofit into your home (not possible with underfloor). The radiator pipework runs behind the walls, so there is some remedial building work required post installation. 

Like underfloor heating, the heat source for your radiator central heating system will need annual servicing pre-winter to maximise efficiency and uphold product warranty.

Heatmiser Heating Controls

It's important that your heating system controls are simple and user friendly, which is why we use the Heatmiser Neostats. These touch screen programmable thermostats are wired to control specific underfloor zones or your radiator system, either as a thermostat (coming on when the room temperature drops below a specific set temperature) or as a timer (coming on at pre-programmed times). Your heating is programmed specifically for your own comfort levels.

Neostats can also be connected to your wifi via a NeoHub unit as an optional extra. You can then download the NeoApp onto your smartphone to control your central heating via an app. This is a very easy way to operate your central heating system with the added benefit of being able to control or troubleshoot your heating remotely. 

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