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Central heating plays a part in your construction design. Being a design consideration means it's great if we can be involved in the early stages however we're ready to help at any time. If it's possible, we like to take the time to meet our clients in person to discuss requirements and options.

Once we've established exactly what you're after and have a copy of your house plans, we'll come up with a heating proposal to meet your requirements, including a quote and heating design. *note, if you already have a heating design from your architect, we can also price off plans. 

We pride ourselves on the clarity and information in our proposals and we'll generally include options and upgrades as well. If you're satisfied with the quote, we'll work alongside your trades to get the system installed. We're highly experienced in the construction process and we'll communicate with your builder every step of the way. 

Once the system is commissioned and completed, we ensure our clients feel confident and comfortable with their central heating, providing a training session and a manual.

We're also available on an ongoing basis to take care of the regular maintenance of your system as required.



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